When redesigning a website, how important is it to keep the design and development under one roof? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 16, 2018


I am working with an ecommerce business that wants to redesign their website. They are currently using an m-dot site and a desktop site and want to move to responsive design and also redesign everything to have a more attractive and better user experience. In addition, we are playing around with what platform to move to (currently using Magento 1.x, and considering upgrading to Magento 2.x, while also playing around with switching entirely to WordPress).

We have a team of developers who we’ve worked with for years and they’re not AMAZING, but they’re good as long as there’s some oversight and have great rates.

In your experiences as designers, how important is it that you are working under the same roof with developers? Is it a dealbreaker (in terms of the effectiveness of the resulting product), is it very important but not necessary, or is it just a nice-to-have?


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