Watch: Impressive Low-Light Capabilities Of Sony’s New ‘a7 III’ VS Other Cameras

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


It hasn’t been long since Sony released its 24.2-megapixel, 4K full-frame mirrorless ‘a7 III’ camera for US$1,999. Boasting a standard ISO spectrum ranging from 100 to 51,200—that’s further expandable to between 50 and 204,800 for stills—it’s no wonder filmmaker and photographer Max Yuryev felt curious to test out its high ISO capabilities.

Yuryev pit the ‘a7 III’ against Sony’s ‘a7R III’, ‘a6500’, and Panasonic’s ‘GH5’. In the experiment, Yuryev captures a collection of images spanning ISO values ranging from 1,600 to 51,200.

Even at ISO 12,800, Yuryev comments inside the clip that the image produced by the ‘a7R III’ remains “ridiculously clean.” While the results from Sony’s ‘a7R III’ and ‘a6500’ models are “usable,” the same can’t be said for Panasonic’s ‘GH5’. When the ISO is pumped up further to 25,600, the image from the ‘GH5’ becomes completely unusable, while the ‘a7 III’ continues to perform even under such low light.

Find out more inside Yuryev’s video below.

[via Max Yuryev, image via video screenshot]


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