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In March 22, 2018


Today we bring to this space # POSICIONA18 Online Congress on brand positioning on the Internet to be held on April 4 and 5, 2018, which is presented to us by:

I invite you to participate in this Free Online Congress which will take place on April 4 and 5, 2018. In this event you can learn SEO, Social Media, Branding and Blogging strategies to enhance the positioning of your brand or business on the Internet, together with the best professionals in Marketing. Digital


In this 2nd edition of the Online Congress # Position18 you will obtain very high quality training, from the hand of the best speakers in the Internet Marketing sector. The event will have a 100% streaming format, with 16 talks of approximately 40 minutes each and, of course, it will be totally free.


If you are an entrepreneur or a professional Digital Marketing, surely one of your goals is to increase the income you get with your business or with that of your customers.

And, to achieve that goal, you undoubtedly need to boost your reputation, presence and visibility through a better positioning of your brand on the Internet.

In this free online Congress “# Posiciona18” you will be able to know the experiences and receive advice on positioning strategies and actions from great speakers from all over the world of Spanish-speaking Marketing.


Marta Soler
Online Presence Consultant

🎙 Digital Communication Key Elements

Víct or Campuzano
Growth Hacker

🎙 Growth Hacking as a method of work

Isabel Romero
SEO Copywriter
🎙 Create a winning value proposition

[19659004] Rost Torchinskiy
Co-founder of Webescuela

🎙 Tools to succeed in Social Media

Ennio Castillo
Doppler Partners

🎙 Email Automation as key to loyalty

Eva Collado
Human Capital Consultant

🎙 Brand Ambassadors: your voice, your best guarantee

David Ayala
SEO Consultant

🎙 How to improve the SEO of your Ecommerce

Miguel Florido
Online Marketing Consultant

🎙 SEO content strategy to attract customers

Javier Cordero
Email Marketing Consultant

🎙 How to do email marketing that educates and sells

Álvaro Fontela
Co-founder of Raiola Networks

🎙 The WPO as an ally of your SEO strategies

Bruno Vázquez
SEO Consultant

🎙 Local SEO to boost the visibility of your business

Nacho Benavides
SEO Consultant

🎙 LOGS + Gift Dashboard Analysis


Marina Brocca
Legal Marketing Consultant

🎙 Prepare your blog for RGPD without complicating your life

Sergio Gabaldón
Digital Media Strategist

🎙 Get more out performance to your content strategy

Marc Cruells
eCommerce Consultant

🎙 Dropshipping – Positioning to Convince

Fran Murillo
SEO Consultant

] 🎙 SEO + Inbound Marketing Equal to CONVERSION [19659004]

Borja Giron
Digital Marketing Consultant

🎙 Live video to shoot your visibility

María Sánchez
Consultora CRO y UX

🎙 Post-conversion … Beyond the CRO

María Díaz
Doppler Country Manager

🎙 Co-presenter and moderator

José Facchin
Digital Marketing Consultant

🎙 Organizer and co-presenter

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