Pentagram Gives Rotten Tomatoes A Fresh Identity, Its First In Nearly 2 Decades

By Prosyscom
In March 9, 2018


Rotten Tomatoes, a TV and film review website, has received a brand new identity designed by Pentagram.

Pentagram partner Emily Oberman has been working with fans of the website for eight months to create the new visual, along with icons that represent “fresh,” “rotten,” and “certified fresh,” which are used to rate movies and television shows.

The new logo is flat, has a bold shade of red, and features more tomato symbol variants to represent the “o.” Oberman has worked on adjusting the letters to bring it all on a level line and incorporated the color palette of red, black, white, yellow and green in the designs.

This new logo takes on a cleaner and more modernized look whilst maintaining the brand’s essence—something Jeff Voris, Vice President of Rotten Tomatoes wanted in the redesign.

Rotten Tomatoes has had several logo adjustments in the past, but this design marks its most major in roughly 19 years. In 1998, its logo featured caterpillar bite marks on its lettering before this was tweaked, and the “o” inside the identity replaced with images of decaying tomatoes in 2000. Just one year later, the rotting tomatoes were replaced with illustrations of the vegetable. You can see the brand’s logo evolution here.

This new visual identity will be officially unveiled on 9 March during Rotten Tomatoes’ live event ‘Your Opinion Sucks’.

Another logo redesign recently made by Pentagram is that of home décor company Houzz, completed by Pentagram’s first female principal Paula Scher.

[via AdAge, images via Rotten Tomatoes]


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