Nintendo’s New For-All Coding Interface Lets You Hack Even Its Switch Console

By Prosyscom
In March 19, 2018


Some of you might have heard of Nintendo’s upcoming ‘Labo’ platform, but are unfamiliar with what this anticipated interactive model kit does.

In a nutshell, ‘Labo’ is Nintendo’s gaming-cum-construction toy platform aimed to teach you about engineering and basic programming while having fun.

It comprises cardboard cut-outs and other resources that can be used together with its Switch console display as well as ‘Joy–Con’ controllers to build ‘Toy-Cons’, which have the capability to interact with gaming software.

As a lead up to its official April 2018 launch, Nintendo introduces you to one key feature of ‘Labo’ called ‘Toy-Con Garage’.

Instead of merely following instructions to develop robots and more, Nintendo encourages you to “invent new ways to play” with this free-code software that offers greater flexibility to build according to your heart’s desire.

For example, you can program its ‘Joy-Con’ controllers to set off an echo after a specific number of shakes. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry because what’s even more impressive is the simple, user-friendly interface that Nintendo’s built to help you code with ease. Simply select an input and connect it to an output as demonstrated in the video below.

[via Fast Company, video via Nintendo, image via video screenshot]


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