McDonald’s Pokes Fun At Its Own Branding In Cheeky Summer Campaign

By Prosyscom
In March 9, 2018


Image by DDB Sydney via Ad Age

McDonald’s has been pretty bold with the portrayal of its iconic ‘Golden Arches’ of late. Yesterday, it made the news for its topsy-turvy variation of the logo to mark International Women’s Day. This time, it embraces it again in a tongue-in-cheek Australian ad.

Created by DDB Sydney, McDonald’s Australia’s new poster campaign isn’t an announcement for newly launched burgers or value meals—it’s a celebration of how recognized its ‘Arches’ are. Even without context, you can tell which brand the advertisement is about.

The summer print features a pair of feet tanned from the sun’s rays, save for some flip-flop marks. To bring more clarity, the portrayer sits on a yellow beach mat and their toes have been painted red.

While it might be characteristic of rival Wendy’s to troll McDonald’s, the fast food empire is the one to poke fun at itself this time, and people are lovin’ it.

[via Ad Age, cover image by DDB Sydney via Ad Age]


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