McDonald’s ‘Peach Pie’ Will Have Your Taste Buds Prancing To Spring’s Embrace

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In March 9, 2018


Image via McDonald’s China

Following winter’s departure, things have seemingly become peachier, especially at McDonald’s.

In China, spring is prime time for peach blossoms, which are considered lucky charms for love. To welcome the season, McDonald’s China has debuted ‘Peach Pies’ that will hopefully serve as vessels for romance.

According to the website, the pretty pink pies are filled with sweet white peach chunks. “One bite, [and it feels] like you’re falling in love for the first time [again],” the fast food chain wrote in a poem advertising the pies.

As if that description won’t have you infatuated already, McDonald’s even says that they cost only CN¥3 (US$0.47) each. The ‘Peach Pies’ will be available in outlets across China from 10 March until 14 March—which is, amusingly, Pi Day (3.14).

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Image via McDonald’s China

Image via McDonald’s China

Image via McDonald’s China

[via What Do You Do In Your 20s?, images via McDonald’s China]


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