How to implement typewritter text on same line as still text? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 8, 2018


I tried consulting the help of Google but found no help.

I’m making a personal portfolio type website for myself.

I was looking at this guy’s website:

As you can see, on the exact same line, it says: “Hello! My name is Dhruv Iyer. I am” as still text and then different variations of what he is as typewriter text. It’s all in one damn line.

I want to do the same thing for my website. (I’m not going to completely copy his website, the format and content of my website is much different than his.)

However, I am confuzzled as how to accomplish this.

I tried looking at his code and googling stuff online, but alas, no luck.

Here is my code (for that part specifically, lmk if you need to see more code):

Here is a screenshot of how it looks on the web browser (the website is yet to be published publicly):

How do I get everything on one line like Dhruv did?

Tips are greatly appreciated.

Also, another minor bug I found is if I switch to another tab for a long period of time and then go back to my website, the typewritter text just freezes and doesn’t delete and continue to loop typing something else.

Help is greatly valued!



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