How to describe my website design requirements/vision in developer terms? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


I want to effectively and efficiently communicate my vision for my website design to developers to ensure there is mutual understanding about the technical requirements.

Despite my best efforts at research, I feel I still lack the ability to define my requirements in adequate technical terms and was hoping for some assistance.

Brief background: My subject matter expertise is the United States federal government investment in space. The purpose of the website is to communicate information about that subject matter while serving as a platform to promote my brand and capabilities.

I would like to create a dynamic entry point to the website. The landing page would be an animated, interactive representation of the relevant space architecture. Specifically, Earth being constantly orbited by satellites in various orbits (geostationary, low earth, etc).

Each of the animated elements would be tied to other data elements to provide information about the satellite (user, mission, budget, etc.)

The user would have a navigation interface to enable custom experience with this animation/graphic/web application. Every user would be prompted to register and make some initial preference determinations.

This dynamic entry point is meant to serve as the focal point of the site, but additional content (About Us, News, etc.) is necessary. I also need to embed existing Tableau visualizations and manage user permissions and access to additional proprietary content.

I don’t need you to build the site but I do need help effectively communicating that layperson vision into appropriate technical terminology.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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