How do you determine and approach the decision maker that you should pitch to? : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 20, 2018


I’m not sure if this question is better suited for another sub, but it may be fine here since it’s about selling web design services.

Referrals have been great at keeping us alive, but we have had zero outbound sales.

1) When looking at a list of company employees on LinkedIn, how do you determine who you should be reaching out to? Would it be office admins, or people that have some kind of ‘marketing’ label for their position?

2) How exactly do you approach them? I have a feeling emails just go to spam, and calls may be a little intrusive.

Just wanted to get some insight on outbound sales because we haven’t been able to crack the code. It has been several months but we are motivated to keep trying. Thank you.


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