Grand Canyon Will Be Celebrating Its 100th Birthday Next Year With A New Logo

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


The National Park Service and the Grand Canyon Association have decided to celebrate the park’s centennial in 2019 with a brand new logo.

The redesigned graphic features the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River with the tagline, “Go Grand.” The logo represents natural and historical resources that can be found at the Grand Canyon National Park, and is the result of joint efforts by the park’s nonprofit partner, Grand Canyon Association, marketing firm Off Madison Avenue, and employees from the Grand Canyon National Park.

The 2019 centennial celebration serves as an acknowledgement of the park in American history and its associated tribes such as the Hualapai Nation. It will also see events that observe the history of the park for the last 100 years, while continuing to inspire future generations to care and preserve Grand Canyon’s resources.

The park will be holding events throughout 2019 at the North Rim, South Rim, Inner Canyon, Desert View and surrounding communities. The new logo will also be adopted for the park’s future marketing strategy and overall branding.

[via Arizona Daily Sun, images via Grand Canyon]


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