Google Now Lets You Replace The Background On YouTube’s ‘Stories’ Using AI

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Google is working on a video-editing technology called ‘Mobile Real-Time Video Segmentation’ that replaces backgrounds similar to how a green screen works.

It combines machine learning and AI so users can easily replace the background of videos in real-time—alike how a filter is applied to a photo in many social media apps.

Google explains the details of the new feature on its blog, and adds, “Our new segmentation technology allows creators to replace and modify the background, effortlessly increasing videos’ production value without specialized equipment.” 

The background replacement tool is currently being tested on YouTube’s ‘Stories’ video format.

Google states that the limited roll out is only to trial its initial effects and technology. “As we improve and expand our segmentation technology to more labels, we plan to integrate it into Google’s broader Augmented Reality services,” the company says.

[via Mashable, opening image via Google Blog]


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