‘Disappear Retreat’ Is An 83-Square-Foot, Green Tiny Home That’s Near Invisible

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Image via disappear_retreat

Architecture firm COULSON has created a minimalist, self-sufficient tiny house especially to help rejuvenate its occupant’s mind and creativity.

‘Disappear Retreat’ is an 83-square-foot lightweight, glass-covered abode. It not only camouflages into its surroundings, but also leaves minimal footprint on the environment through zero energy, zero waste and zero water.

The spotted-patterned thin-film PV installed in the south wall of its glass exterior generates all the energy it requires from the sun. Its compact size reduces the home’s exterior surface area, thus minimalizing unwanted heat loss and gain.

Its weathered wood interior gives the house a warm touch, while its glass roof welcomes natural light during the day and views of the starry sky at night.

Find out more about ‘Disappear Retreat’ here.

[via Uncrate, images via disappear_retreat]


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