Burger King Invites Those With Pyromania To Work With It In Fiery Campaign

By Prosyscom
In March 5, 2018


Burger King Germany has partnered with Grabarz and Partners to create a creative recruitment campaign that sees teenagers setting things on fire.

The series of ads show a fire-breathing woman, soccer fans launching fireworks during a match, and an image of a hooded figure preparing to toss a burning item into a heavily-flamed area.

By using these images, Burger King would like to offer those who are obsessed with setting things alight to channel their pyromania by joining the company. The ad reads, “Love fire? Contact us,” followed by “Flame grilling since 1954.”

The promotional ads will be printed on large-scale outdoor posters and set up all over Verling, Hanover, and Hamburg, while full-page ads will be found in magazines like Musikexpress and Metal Hammer.

[via AdAge]


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