BBC Creative Gets Playful With Its 3-D Line-Drawn Logo That Just Keeps Changing

By Prosyscom
In March 7, 2018


Video screenshot via Spin Studio

Creative agency Spin Studio has developed a playful new identity that brings out the innovativeness behind BBC’s in-house creative agency, BBC Creative.

Upon initial glance, the static line-drawn geometric “C” might appear deceivingly plain—with a silhouette that’s somewhat reminiscent of Star Wars’ ‘Millennium Falcon’—as it sits next to the BBC’s traditional logo.

Image via Spin Studio

When it comes to life, however, the animated identity becomes an ever-changing, three-dimensional “C” that even morphs to become an open cube in some renditions. The origami-like permutations take on various geometric shapes, whilst cheekily playing with the viewers’ perspective.

The visual was inspired by the brand’s traditional logo design, where the letters “BBC” sit inside individual boxes. Instead of having something enclosed, the in-house creative team’s identity deconstructs these boundaries and unravels for people to “peer into.”

Spin Studio explains further on its website, “By adding a fourth ‘Creative’ box, an abstract ‘C’ shape, to the three existing BBC squares[,] we express the fundamental relationship between the BBC and Creativity in a direct and dynamic manner. The concept offers a potentially endless visual language, providing a springboard that captures the spirit of adventure and intent within BBC Creative.”

The new identity has rolled out across all BBC Creative’s communications, including its website, merchandise, and studio’s interior design. An unembellished monochromatic color palette accompanies the identity, which can come filled with stripes, an opaque black, or empty—such that the graphic becomes solely an outline.

Check it out below.

Image via Spin Studio

Image via Spin Studio

Image via Spin Studio

[via Design Week, images via Spin Studio]


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