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An interview with Black Panther’s production designer

By Prosyscom
In March 12, 2018


NoteThis article contains a few spoilers from the Black Panther movie.

When this article was originally published, Black Panther was on the second day of its opening weekend in Chinese cinemas. Before opening in China on Friday, the Marvel Studios movie directed by Ryan Coogler had already grossed well over $900 million from cinemas globally, and it is expected that by Monday the movie will have crossed the $1 billion mark in just four weeks. This is a remarkable feat that only a few movies, including only four from Marvel, have ever achieved.

Most importantly, contributing to the movie’s popularity is its Afrofuturist theme, as well as its refreshing and positive depiction of Wakanda, a fictional Afrikan country. The design of Wakanda and the Black Panther movie as a whole call attention to the incredible level of research involved, especially considering it is not only the first-ever Marvel cinematic universe movie that takes us to Wakanda but also one with an Afrofuturist theme.

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