A social experiment I put together : web_design

By Prosyscom
In March 11, 2018


I’m a first year university student in emotional pain from exams so instead of studying, I figured why not spend several hours building a full stack web app. It’s a social experiment to see where users click in an 8 by 8 grid. The link is: josh.grift.ca/heat/.

I host the files on an old laptop I have at home, running Ubuntu. The database is MySQL and backend is in php. The client uses a few libraries but is written in vanilla js. I have the database set up, so I can see the timestamp, fingerprint, and ip of the user.

Before anyone mentions, yes bots would be a problem. I set up a shadow ban system that basically lets me hide specific results if I think they are suspicious. Such as the same ip, 2 minutes apart, and a different fingerprint. Or the same tile every 2 minutes exactly.

What do you think reddit?

Source code is on github

EDIT: reread rules a second time and realized this could be considered sort of a survey? Kinda? If so, my apologies. Understandable if it gets removed.


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