Thank You Pages and Welcome Emails: Two Key Elements in Your Lead Generation Strategy

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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018

Every business need leads to succeed. Leads are the qualified target audience who’ll eventually become customers and ambassadors of your business, if you do it right.

Lead generation’s so important that 85% of organizations focus on it.

Marketers and business owners rely on different channels to generate leads and increase their conversion rate, but many ignore some of the more simple, yet effective, options at their disposal, feeling that they’re not worth the effort.  

For example, many marketers undermine the value of using a ‘Thank You’ page and/or ‘Welcome’ emails to maximize lead generation and conversion.

In this post, I’ll provide some examples of how you can use these two valuable resources to grow your leads and also convert them.

1. Thank You page

A lot of marketers are not making use of their Thank You page to grow their leads – they consider it a way to say thank you to people that download their resources or buy their product or service and that’s all to it. But there’s much more you can do with a Thank You page.

A Thank You page is a place where you can further qualify your leads and acquire more data intelligence which you can then use for future marketing and sales activities.

It marks the beginning of your relationship with your customer – for a lead to see to your Thank You page, it signifies that they have interest in your offer and have decided to identify themselves with your business.

This is why you should take advantage of your Thank You page to further lead them through the funnel where you can convert them.

There are four things you can do with a Thank You page to help maximize your lead generation process:

a. Educate your leads about what they can expect from you  

When the lead lands on your Thank You page, it means they;re interested, in some way, in your offer. If that’s the case, then you need to take them further – you can educate them on what to expect from you, encourage them to follow your blog, subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on social media. You can add links to content on your blog or website to educate them about your business.  

A good example of a company that uses this strategy well is Unbounce. Their Thank You page for their free eBook download is shown below:


You can see that they tell you what to expect by downloading the eBook – you’ll receive the eBook and also get weekly blog updates and other resources that can help you grow into a marketing genius.

b. Build trust with your brand

Your Thank You page is a place where you can build your lead’s trust in your business. For this, you could consider adding testimonials that are related to the offer on the Thank You page – the testimonials should show the excellent result your users’ experience with your product or service.

A good example of a company that does this well is Infusionsoft.  


Here, they’ve provided testimonies of clients who’ve used their product, adding further reinforcement to their message.

Another thing you can do to build trust is to use your Thank You page to humanize your brand. One way you could do this is by adding using the Thank You page as a thank you letter, with a message from your founder – see an example from socialtriggers below.

c. Leave a “pixel” for retargeting

A Thank You page is also an excellent opportunity for you to target your leads. According to Wordstream on average, retargeting ads are 76% more likely to be clicked on than a regular old display ad.

Almost all of the major advertising networks, including Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and Bing, offer retargeting pixels.

A retargeting pixel is a 1x 1-pixel image and a custom code which you can add to your Thank You page on your website. This will enable the advertising network to capture your visitor’s information so that you can retarget them later on.

For example, the pixel can help you retarget visitors who’ve landed on your Thank You page but did not convert to subscriber or sale. 

A good tool you can use to retarget the leads that land on your Thank You page is CRM retargeting. The tool that helps you to quickly retarget your audience, showing them relevant ads when they’re still ‘hot’, thus, helping you to increase your sales.  

d. Make a One-Time-Offer

A Thank You page is also one of the best places to make a one-time offer to your lead. Given they’ve made it this far on your site, they’re very likely already in the buying mood, making it a good time to prompt them to add on to their existing interaction or transaction.

A good example of a company that uses this method well is Litmus. The company uses its Thank You page to offer a free trial to their subscribers.  


The offer is written clearly in a gray box. To make it convert more, they don’t request credit card details from their subscribers, making it easy as possible for them to test the software for seven days before they buy. 

2. Welcome emails

A Welcome email is generally sent immediately after your subscriber sees a Thank You page. It’s the first email your subscriber receives from you, and it can provide an avenue for your leads to connect with your brand. On average, Welcome receive up to 4x more opens and clicks than other email messages.


The Welcome email provides a good opportunity to meet with the people who’ve shown interest in your business by downloading your free resources or product trials.  

This is the most profitable time to start a conversation with your audience – a good Welcome email can help you to create a good impression, build rapport and trust with new leads.

A great example of a welcome email that generates strong results is from CNET.  CNET were able to increase their click-through rate by an average of 26% using a nurturing welcome email for their leads.  


One great way you can create an engaging Welcome email is by asking your audience what they’re struggling with – check out an example below:

C:UsersMomyPicturesleadsbridgewelcome email.png

One company used this exact email script to get feedback from around 35% from their subscribers.


Driving quality leads to your business requires using the right tactics, and these include using your Thank You page and Welcome email to further nurture and build the relationship.

Combining these two tactics can help your business generate more leads, boosting your digital marketing performance and results.​

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