10 Powerful Twitter Advanced Search Features [Infographic]

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January 12, 2018
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January 12, 2018

Twitter marketing isn’t easy, but the exposure it can bring your content and brand is potentially massive. However, your Twitter handle is just one of 330 million active accounts vying for attention in what can be an incredibly noisy place. Many of those are businesses just like yours: 80%of the Fortune 500 are now using Twitter, and many millions more small businesses.

So how can you and your brand stand out?

For starters, you can learn to master the intricacies of Twitter – take advantage of the network’s most powerful features and tools, like Twitter Advanced Search.

According to the social-media experts at Buffer, Twitter Advanced Search can help you become a social-media power user in no time. Their infographic (below) with 10 amazing advanced search features is a goldmine of Twitter marketing advice.

For example, you can use local search parameters to seek out relevant conversations happening in a specific area around your business. This is obviously huge for local businesses, but also incredibly helpful for large brands looking to build out their hyperlocal strategies. If you’re targeting the residents of a particular state with a promotion, for example, seek out opportunities to engage in that region by using the [near:] and [within:] advanced search parameters.

Or research popular content by finding tweets where accounts are sharing links – you can do this by typing the topic keyword into the search box followed by “http” in quotes.

See these and other awesome Twitter Advanced Search tips and tricks in the full infographic below:

Image credit: Buffer. A version of this post was first published on Inc.com.

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