Social Media Marketing Trends: Planning for 2018 [#SMTLive Recap]

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December 22, 2017
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During our final #SMTLive Twitter chat of the year, we took time to reflect on digital marketing trends in 2017 and discuss new opportunities we marketers should look out for in 2018. We covered a few major topics we believe will be the next big thing for digital marketers in 2018

We had a great discussion with the group  here are the major takeaways from the chat.

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Q1: What role do you see chatbots playing in 2018?

We see a constant battle between humans vs bots – how do you strike the right balance to improve workflows and maintain customer satisfaction? 


Many agreed that chatbots can be very helpful, and hopeful that future chatbots will have better response matrix and have an improved ‘personality’ component in order to be more efficient. 

Q2: Are micro-influencers going to dominate 2018?

Macro-influencers hit their peak at the beginning of last year, but now micro-influencers are on the rise. Do you think micro-influencers will, too, reach their “influential peak” in 2018 or are they here to stay?


We all agree micro-influencers have proven to have stronger connections with their audience. The real challenge is finding the right influencer(s) for your brand. 

It seems that everyone agrees that micro-influencers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In some form or another, word-of-mouth marketing is always effective and those most trusted “influencers” in the market today are micro-influencers. They have the power and they’re here to stay.

Q3(A): How big of an impact do you see AR having on the social media marketing world in the upcoming year?

Some of the bigger brands with larger budgets have started incorporating AR in their marketing campaigns. For the smaller companies, we are seeing some jump on the bandwagon by taking advantage of AR advertising options offered by social platforms like on Snapchat.

Q3(B): What opportunities can small businesses take advantage of in AR?

Social media will help AR go mainstream (as already seen on Facebook and Snapchat). Big brands will find their way of implementing AR ads into their campaign, but what kind of opportunities can small businesses take advantage of?

So maybe AR is still just a fun, but mostly impractical, addition to the small business marketing world. There are little ways brands can implement AR strategies (such as Snapchat filters/ads), but most likely we won’t see too many of the smaller brands spending their budget on AR.

“We can see that 48% of you voted for #videomarketing as your main focus of 2018. With that in mind… Q4 Which type of video content do you think you’ll invest in next year and why?” 

Based on our poll of 166 participants, 67% voted for short-form videos and 20% voted for live videos. 



Q5 What would you like to see from social analytics platforms in 2018? And do you think we’ll get it?

There is a clear need for improved social media metrics to better measure (and prove) ROI. What would you like to see from social analytics platforms in 2018? And do you think we’ll get it?


Hopefully the social metrics platforms are listening. There is a lot more we need to better measure success — we’ll see who steps up the game in 2018.

We had a great time chatting with everyone once again. Awesome chat and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2018! 

If there is a specific topic you’d like to hear covered in 2018, please share your feedback with us here. We are always looking to improve our #SMTLive chat experience for all of you. Enjoy the holidays!

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