5 Things You Need to Know About Gen C

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For the last several years, Millennials have dominated the news, especially in marketing. Everyone wondered: what do they want to buy? how do you connect with them? where do they spend their time? 

But in reality, if you’re only targeting Millennials with your marketing campaigns, you are missing the biggest piece of the pie. You should open your marketing campaign up and reach more people by marketing to Generation C.

Yes, that’s right. There’s a new generation out there, and it’s called Gen C. Here’s what you need to know about this new “generation.”

1. Meet Gen C

The term “Gen C” has been around since 2012, when Brian Solis defined it as the “Connected Consumer.” He is a digital analysis, and it became clear to him that there was an entire group of people that relied on technology as part of their daily routines. These people could be found across various age groups. They weren’t just Millennials. They could be anyone

Solis was the first to give it a name, but the idea of digitally-savvy people relying on technology was nothing new. For years, people have talked about the emergence of technology and how some consumers have adapted to it faster. It’s hard to ignore the fact that some people have completely immersed themselves in technology, ranging from smartphones to smart appliances.

It’s important to note that the “Connected Consumer” is just one way to define the “C” in Generation C. People also call this group Generation Connectivity and Generation Community.

It doesn’t matter what you call them. They are connected to technology. That should be the biggest takeaway.

2. Age Isn’t Part of the Equation

People like to put groups into boxes, and those boxes are often based on age. You know how old Millennials are, just like you know how old Baby Boomers are. People belong to those generation based on their ages.

That’s what makes Generation C a little more confusing. It doesn’t have anything to do with age. Someone can be part of Gen C at the age of 15, just like someone can be a part of Gen C at the age of 75. It’s about the person’s mindset, not the age.

So, what is that mindset? It is all about online connection. They don’t just hang out online. They are actively engaged in the online experience. They participate in their favorite social networks and leave product reviews on websites. They are connected to the online world and use it for just about everything.

Generation C engages in the three C’s of online use. They consume, create, and curate.

3. How Many People Are in Gen C?

When people first started talking about Gen C, it was a pretty small group. It consisted of the early adopters. Now, though, the numbers have grown. More people have access to high-speed internet and the latest mobile technology, and that has allowed the numbers to grow by leaps and bounds.

You will find people from every generation in Gen C, and it will likely continue to get bigger.

4. The World According to Generation C

Every group has its own way of interacting with the world, and Generation C is no different. Digital media is its bread and butter. People in Gen C might turn on a TV or read something in print, but that’s not the ideal situation. This generation wants to live on digital media.

They stay connected as much as possible. It’s not usual to find them on their laptops one minute and then watch as they make the seamless transition to their smartphones. Then, they might take out the tablet for the next task.

It doesn’t matter which device they have in front of them. They are actively participating in the online world. They love interacting with social media channels and watching videos, and they loathe traditional news sources.

5. How Do You Reach Generation C?

Generation C is all about technology, so you won’t reach them with traditional media options. You also won’t reach them if you look like a standard marketer. Forget about the traditional digital ads. Generation C has all of the ad blockers installed, so they’ll never see the ads. Plus, if an ad gets through, they won’t trust it. They want recommendations from social networks. They won’t pay attention if a business is trying to shove a message down their throats.

Social media is the key to reaching Generation C. You have to find a way to create content that people want to click on and share. Stick with entertaining content that is highly visual if you want to maximize your shares. You also have to invest in the process. It takes time and money to dominate all the social media networks and to monitor all of your actions.

Generation C is going to be the new buzzword for savvy marketers. Those who stay ahead of the curve will stop talking about Millennials and start talking about Gen C. If you are able to make the switch from Millennials to Gen C, you will open yourself up to reaching more people.

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